Ready to connect with other creative business owners and grow your business??!?! You’re in the right place!

Whatever stage of your business, Biz Buds is for you! We have resources for dreamers and established entrepreneurs alike! And the best part is…It’s actually affordable! It can be super lonely working as a solopreneur and I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way! 

If you’re looking for connection and resources for helping grow your small business, Biz Buds is for YOU!

Biz Buds is a peer driven community for creative entrepreneurs who want to SHARE, GROW, and THRIVE!

Owning a business is hard and often very lonely.  Although your personal network might support and love you, they don't get what it means to put in the late hours finalizing details before a launch, how much you want to cry when you see postal delays, or how big of a deal it is that you became an Etsy star seller!   Coaching can be a great option, but it is EXPENSIVE and often intimidating.  If only you could call up a biz bud who could help offer encouragement, support, and share resources...

Well now's your chance, friend! 

Biz Buds is a peer-driven online community that offers a positive, encouraging, and solution based environment at an affordable price that isn't going to break the bank.  

With monthly book clubs and growth challenges, weekly emails with tons of resources, and a Discord page that allows for questions, resource sharing, and other shenanigans, this is the perfect way to have some accountability and support in your business without shelling out thousands of bucks.

The hope is that you find people you connect with, who become your Biz Bud BFFs with whom you can share, grow, and thrive! 

It takes a hive, Baby! 

But who are you to be telling me what to do?!

That’s the beauty of it, my friend! I’m there to facilitate and cheer you on! This resource is all about sharing amongst each other! We all have wonderful gifts to share, and we get what it’s like to be in the grind! This is not about me being a fount of knowledge, this is about you and helping you grow! 

One of my superpowers is to be able to find what makes you shine, and I can’t wait to find that out! While you don’t HAVE to share, Biz Buds are encouraged to share what they’ve learned so we can all help each other out! 

Want to know a little bit more about me, your facilitator?!?

Want to know a little bit more about me, your facilitator?!?

I am a former teacher/librarian turned watercolor artist as well as your very own biz bud! 

I am the proud owner of Kate Talcott Artistry, LLC, a  watercolor stationery shop where we sell charming and delightful paper products. I am a raging extrovert, passionate about connecting with other business owners! I deeply believe in the power of sharing–knowing that by sharing and lifting each other up, we can create something truly magical! I am so excited to offer a space for you to connect with other creative entrepreneurs and help you shine to your fullest potential!

Want to know more?!?!

Let me tell you what to expect when you sign up!  Patreon is a platform that allows folks to sign up at different tiers, so you can pick what is the best fit for you!

Tier 1 - Bumble Bee

This tier is easy on the budget, packed with great resources -- this one is for the entrepreneur who wants to learn more! Great for folks in the beginning stages of their business. 

With the Bumble Bee Tier, you get access to:

• Monthly Book Club live event

• Book Club voting power

We read one business book a month and not only will we talk about the book, but we’ll also have an opportunity to apply its principles to our businesses! It is always okay to come without doing the homework…I will give a summary at the beginning of each session!

Tier 2 - Honey Bee

This tier is packed with resources and many ways to connect with fellow entrepreneurs -- This is great for folks who are looking for peer support and a library of tools.

With the Honey Bee, you’ll get access to everything listed in the Bumble Bee, as well as: 

• Replays of all my Biz Bud Instagram Live content

• Full resource library access

• Access to a private Facebook community.

Facebook will help us to share information easily and build a community throughout the month, not just during our live sessions! 

Tier 3 - Queen Bee

The Queen Bee tier grants you access to all of the features mentioned above, plus:

• A monthly Biz Bud Chat - Peer Workshop

If you have questions or ideas you want to bounce around, this is your place to do it! We’ll meet via video chat, and everyone will get a chance to share the highs and lows of their business, as well as a chance to build strong connections with fellow business owners!

Tier 4 - The Whole Dang Hive

This is for folks who appreciate Biz Buds and have a little extra to give to show your love and support. This tier doesn’t grant you any extra features, but it does help me stay caffeinated so I can keep bringing you as many helpful resources as I can!

Are you ready to join the Biz Bud Hive? Sign up today!

Still Not Sure?

Hear it from these folks from the Biz Bud Pilot program!!

"Starting and owning your own business can feel pretty lonely at times, even with social media constantly at your fingertips. Being in Kate’s community has allowed me to connect more deeply with fellow artists and has turned IG acquaintances into real friends. My experience on our calls is that together, our collective knowledge makes us stronger. And by sharing what we know we can all grow together. Kate is amazing at guiding the conversation so that we are learning as much as we are enjoying ourselves. Being a part of this community has been a huge asset to my business and I’m so grateful to be in the hive! Thanks, Kate!"

Jillian Soprano | Studio Soprano

"Biz Buds has been a wonderful community that I am delighted to be a part of. Kate is super organized and task-oriented, so our time is always well spent sharing and learning from each other. She is a fountain of creative ideas which makes her a great problem-solver and resource. With her generosity of spirit, great sense of humor and energetic personality, what more could you ask for (besides her being a really talented watercolor artist)! Every time we meet, I walk away refreshed, inspired and encouraged. Having a group of friends who are on similar art/business paths makes Biz Buds an incredible place to find support and accountability. Being a small business owner can be a lonely journey sometimes, but BB gives you a second wind to pick you up when you're struggling and is there to celebrate with you when you're counting your wins."

Jessica Chan-Charette | Sowing Ground

"Kate’s effervescent and contagious energy is just what I needed to tackle the business side of my small artsy career. Being an entrepreneur can be scary; also, my creative brain sometimes just shuts down when it comes to talking nuts and bolts. I really appreciate Kate’s wealth of knowledge and her techniques for brainstorming new ideas/tactics to better my business. Every chat with her I come away with tons of notes on how I can improve what I do. Also, I always make sure to tune in on the Feature Fridays, not only meet/learn about other like-minded business buds which creates such a caring community but also there is some good nuggets to take away from these talks too! All in all, Kate’s background in teaching and her passion for learning is why I keep showing up and tuning in."

Erika Wurm | Wurm Wares

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Buzz Buzz, Biz Bud! 


- Kate

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