School Schedule for Life!

September always feels like a beginning to me.  Not only was I in school for freaking ever (college then two masters degrees) but then I also entered the real world as an educator so in my head the true year starts in September and ends in June.  Who needs that January business anyways?!?!?

That being said, if you are not a school addict like me, September is still a GREAT time to check in on your business.  Just like we go to the doctor for regular checkups, (quick mom have been going to the doctor for regular check ups, right??!!) we need to check in on our business regularly too.  


I know in January we all make plans to check in monthly, weekly, whatever and we probably do it maybe MAYBE until March and then spring rolls around, things get busy, summer hits, and all goes to hell in a hand basket.  Sooo this is your friendly reminder to check in on your business! 

Here are a few of the main categories I plan on checking in on:



Annual Goals

Holiday Preparedness

Social Media Count (followers for various platforms)

Automatic Emails

Subscription audit

Your mental health and self care

Your team (if applicable) 

Are your files backed up

Ask yourself these questions in each of these categories: What is working well? What could be better? 

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September 15, 2021 — KATE TALCOTT