Makers Monday - How I Think About Instagram When Content Planning

In today's Makers Monday I talk all about how I think about Instagram in terms of content planning and how it benefits my business.  We talk about how I use the different IG features, how to create content with value, how to curate a community of followers, and how it is important to focus on quality over quantity.  

We talk briefly about hashtags, grid strategy, the benefit of posting about yourself, creating savable content, engaging around the time when you post, welcoming newbies and so much more.

Ultimately Instagram is a great free advertising tool, however you do not own your content there and it could disappear at any time.  If you're feeling overwhelmed by Instagram or just aren't that into it, focus instead on your email list and making killer products. 

Check out the video for the full scoop!


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June 11, 2021 — KATE TALCOTT