How to Increase Your Product Offerings

If you’ve just started your shop, you may only have one or two listings.  You may be only offering custom work and only have one or two items at a time. Let’s first take a moment to celebrate! Look at you go! You opened your shop! You’re in business now! You’re kicking butt and taking names! 

But now you're probably thinking, what’s next!?  In order to stay relevant it is helpful to have a wide variety of product offerings.  If you are on Etsy, the site rewards you for adding new items in its algorithm.  If you want to have your items listed on wholesale shops like Faire or Abound, you need to have a fair amount of products under your belt so they see that your store has robust options.  This may seem overwhelming, but don’t worry! You’ll get there! Here are a few strategies to boost your product offerings.



You can do this in one of two ways: 

You can add more designs of the same type of product.  For example if you are a card shop, adding more cards will increase your inventory.


You can add different types of products.  Let’s say you only have cards.  You may want to expand your product offerings to stickers and gift tags. 

You’ll probably want to do a combination of both of these options.  Adding different designs of the same product is going to be a bit easier because you already have your vendors set up.  You have your printer who makes your cards. If you are adding a new type of product, you will need to do some research to see where you are going to source your new product idea. 


If the problem isn’t so much about how to increase your product listings but what to even make… here are a few ideas to help jump start your brainstorming. 

  1. Look at trends--are llamas really popular? You may want to incorporate some sort of llama into your design.
  2. Think about upcoming holidays or seasons.  It is always good to have topical items
  3. What do YOU wish you had. Often I’ll think of a card idea because I want to send a card to a friend with a certain sentiment. 
  4. Poll your audience (newsletter, IG, Facebook--wherever you have people who are willing to share their opinions)
  5. Find some sort of challenge and see if you can make a product collection out of that.  I decided to make ABC cards with vegetables on them and ended up reusing all of the designs for punny greeting cards and stickers.  I think I’ll even be using some of them to create wrapping paper patterns. 
  6. If you keep having ideas but then forgetting them, try to find a way to keep track.  I have a running list on a Trello board about potential product ideas.  Usually I’m able to decipher them when I’m feeling out of ideas. 

I know this can all seem somewhat overwhelming especially when looking at other people’s shops, but the aim is to work smarter not harder.  Try to reuse elements of your designs wherever you can.  Here is a guide that goes through step by step how to add a new product.  Fill out the form below to get this quick and easy guide emailed right to you. 

September 01, 2021 — KATE TALCOTT