365 Days of Snail Mail

So, not to state the obvious, but 2020 was a big old stinker.  Oops, I just stated it.  Rather than dwell on the obvious, as a stubborn optimist I’m determined to find ways to bring more joy to my life and to those around me in the new year.  

When thinking up ideas about how to do this, I thought about what brings me joy.  As an extravert it must involve people.  I love showing my love and affection through gifts and acts of kindness.  I am passionate about supporting small businesses.  I adore micro-surprises (is this a term? Idk but it is now...like just a little heart you draw on a napkin or maybe a little note left in a cupholder).  I value catching up in meaningful ways and making connections. I LOVE stationery and getting mail! 


Soooo I’ve decided to try to send one letter a day in 2021! I’ve been stocking up on cards from some of my favorite stationers.  I’ll be using some of my cards and I’ll probably be making a lot too, because why not! So here are my guidelines for myself, if you want to join me! 

  1. Must write a letter to a different person for each day.
  2. Must write a thoughtful letter, not just “thinking of you”.
  3. Sunday letters can go out on Monday.
  4. It’s okay to miss a day as long as I catch up! 
  5. Share about my journey with you! 

I’ll be using the hashtag #365snailsinthemail on social media and I cannot wait to see what this project holds! If you want to get a letter, let me know on social media! I’d love to send you a kind note! 

If 365 letters seems like a lofty goal, try to commit to writing a letter a week or a letter a month! Or, you could make your goal to stay in touch with one person! This Holiday season, give a friend some cards and suggest you become pen-pals! This idea is so hip, even the kids are doing it! My daughter and her cousin just decided they are going to be pen pals! Her cousin just got a very cool personal mailbox for the occasion and Andy is going to build our little gal one too! 

So folks, what do you say?!?! Are you ready to get wild and start celebrating friendship Victorian style!?!? Get out your quills and your parchment, your ink and your scrolls, find your carrier pigeons, or even a classic notecard and a stamp will do! 

If you need some cards to stock up for your #365snailsinthemail challenge, I know just the place. 



December 09, 2020 — KATE TALCOTT